It's Official, Montreal Has The Most Sex In All Of Quebec

The city is busting out the most babies.
It's Official, Montreal Has The Most Sex In All Of Quebec

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Before the stork comes and delivers a baby to a couple (that is how it works, right), they first have to do the dirty. Sex is the natural precursor to birth, and with Montreal having the highest number of births in the province according to the Institut de la statistique, one can say that Montreal is the city having the most sex in all of Quebec. Oh wait, we already did.

A recent article published by the Montreal Gazette looked into the birth rate trends of Quebec's many regions, which used numbers gleaned from Institut de la statistique's open data portal. What was found, as we already stated, is that in all of Quebec, Montreal has the highest birthrates, growing in number since 1981, while the rest of the province's baby-rate has gradually declined.

To see a comparison of just how far ahead in babies (and sex'ing) Montreal is compared to other places in Quebec, here were the province's top 3 birthing spots in 2013:

  • Montreal - 23 534
  • Montérégie - 15 975
  • Capitale-Nationale - 7 607

Montreal mothers are also growing older, a trend seen in all of the province, with women over 35 responsible for nearly 30 births per 1000 women. Montreal's rate of abortions has also declined, with less abortions performed in Montreal & Quebec from 2003-2007 vs 1998-2002.

Given that Montreal is the most densely populated area in Quebec, it makes sense that the city would have the highest birth/sex rate. Still, it's a title we'll proudly proclaim, one because babies are adorable, and two, well, I don't think anyone needs to really argue the benefits of having sex.

Check out the Gazette's original article, with some pretty handy graphs, right here, and head to Quebec's Institut de la statistique page for more info here.

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