It's Official, Montreal Is Banning Plastic Bags

The first city in Canada.
It's Official, Montreal Is Banning Plastic Bags

Say goodbye to plastic bags in Montreal folks, because the environmentally harmful sacks of plastic have been banned in the city.

Making good on a promise from a year ago, Montreal's mayor Denis Coderre officially announced that Montreal will enforce a city-wide ban on plastic bags, the first city to do so in all of Canada.

According to live tweets coming from the press conference (thanks Taylor C. Noakes!) held at City Hall announcing the city-wide plastic bag ban, all "single use" plastic bags will be targeted, with the use of "microbeads, plastic bottles, plastic utensils, excess plastic wrap & styrofoam" to also be discouraged.

But don't think your local grocer will suddenly be without the bags you need to carry groceries to your home, as a two-year transition period is planned so everyone can get used to life without plastic bags.

A "vast communications strategy" is set to begin next April in order to ensure everyone understands the mechanics of the plastic bag ban during this two-year period, from citizens to store-owners.

UPDATE: The plastic bag ban will be taken up again in six months. At this stage it is only a proposal, and nothing will be enforced until 2018, if the ban passes.

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