It's Official, Montreal Is Getting Free Wi-Fi All Over The City

Updated Info: This Is Montreal's All-New "Free Wi-Fi Map", And How To Connect To It

Two years ago, Montreal first announced plans to deploy free city wide Wi-Fi coverage and it the plan will be taking a big step this summer. 

As of now the Free Wi-Fi network can be accessed in the Old Port of Montreal as well as the area surrounding the Palais des Congres. 

But now the city of Montreal has announced that the Wi-Fi network will be extended to the downtown core, Quartier des Spectacles and all the way to Griffintown (Quartier de l'Innovation and Jeanne Mance Park)

The announcement is expected to happen today where the city will announce the new expansion phase of the network. 825 stations in total, and the city is also planning on making each of those stations more powerful.

The exact location of the new internet stations is scheduled to be announced today, we will update this article once that information becomes available.