It's Official, Montreal Is Getting It's First-Ever Saks Fifth Avenue

It's basically everything you need in your life.

It's official! Saks Fifth Avenue will be opening a massive store in Galeries d’Anjou in Montreal this summer.

And apparently there will be 3 more stores opening up in Quebec by 2018.

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According to their press release, "the new store will feature an open, modern layout and playful graphic elements in an easy-to-shop environment". So basically it will have shelves and stuff. (Forgive my cynicism, it's been a long day).

GHD_Work_CB_1img_O52 (1) Photo cred - Mr. Mag

The company plans on opening up 4 locations in total in Quebec, but the one in Gallery d'Anjou will be the first to open.

And if you don't feel like going all the way to Anjou, you won't have to. Saks Fifth Avenue announced that they want to turn the Hudson Bay store downtown into a Saks store which will include a Quebec themed food hall.


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