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It's Official, Montreal Is Hosting The 2026 FIFA World Cup

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It's Official, Montreal Is Hosting The 2026 FIFA World Cup

Montreal has had its fair share of major international events. Expo '67 and the 1976 Summer Olympic Games put the city on the world map and catalyzed major urban development.

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You could say that it was those two events that made the city the festival-oriented playground it is today.

But since the late 20th century, many have feared that the city's golden age of international spectacle had faded away.

No longer.

Montreal is officially hosting the 2026 World Cup!

In joint bid between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, three Canadian cities will host ten games in total. Montreal is confirmed to be one of those cities and is likely to host three to four games. The other Canadian cities are Toronto and Edmonton. 

This morning, the FIFA Congress met in Moscow to formally accept the North American bid.

There's no word yet about where exactly the matches will take place in the city. But it would defnitely be cool to see the Olympic Stadium and Park revived as the center of international attention and competition.

Perks always accompagny international events. For Expo '67, Montreal got its metro system and Parc Jean-Drapeau. For the Olympics, the city got the stadium, park, and architecturally stunning Olympic village. This time, we're sure to get some all-new attractions! Stay tuned.


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