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It’s Official, Montreal Is Ranked #1 Best "Party City" In Canada

Every once in awhile the Canadian National Statistics Agency conducts a most important study. One that we truly care about and frankly, one that we simply couldn't live without.

They decided to map out every single bar in Canada in order to figure out where the easiest place to find a drink is.

And it's probably no surprise to anyone that Quebec came out on top.

via @kelseyab_

Waaaaaaay on top.

Montreal is on the higher end with an average of 2.7-4.0 bars per 10,000 people.

If that doesn't sound like a lot, consider the following factors.

First, that's about 4 times higher than the Toronto average (1 bar per 10,000 people) and more than twice as much as the Canadian average (1.4 bars per 10,000).

And second, the stats only consider establishments who make most of their money from alcohol sales. That means restaurants were excluded, and considering we have the most restaurants per capita, our number would have been considerably higher.

Here's how the rest of the country ranked.

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