It's Official, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Gets His Own TV Show

Montreal's mayor, Denis Coderre, is now one step closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a Hollywood pop starlet, thanks to his new television show set to air this fall. Titled J'ai une question, Monsieur le maire,  the show will launch Coderre's TV career, and will hopefully land him the movie and music contract he's always wanted.

Okay, obviously Coderre doesn't want to be the Britney of a new generation (he just doesn't have the figure for it) but he will be starring in the planned broadcast, set to hit airwaves on October 3rd of this year.

Meant to act as a innovative and interactive link between government and citizen, the basis of Coderre's program (as the title suggests) will be answering questions posed by the general public. Via Facebook, Twitter, and more traditional mediums, residents of Montreal and Quebec at-large will be able to speak directly to the mayor and have their questions answered.

A news anchor (assumedly rotating, as a specific name hasn't been announced) will also be part of the program, interviewing the mayor about recent municipal affairs and other hot-topic issues.

Coderre seems pretty gung-ho about the TV show, believing the program will strengthen the relationship between the public and their elected officials, so he's not just in it to feed his ego. We're inclined to agree, 'cuz who wouldn't feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they see the mayor answering their questions on-air?

J'ai une question, Monsieur le maire will be a 30 minute program and will air on LCN (the TVA specialty news channel) starting on October 3rd. Exact air-time has yet to be determined, but we'll let you know when we do.

Would you watch a Coderre TV show?

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