It's Official, Montreal Movie Theatre To Screen "The Interview" This Week

Photo cred - Slate

After weeks of hubbub and debate, the much talked of Franco-Rogen (Frogen?) film "The Interview" was released for viewing online, and theaters have still shied away from screening the movie. Not in Montreal, well, at least one cinema. Throwing any lingering fear of hackers to the wind, Montreal's Dollar Cinema in Decarie Square will begin screening The Interview this Friday, reports The Gazette.

Owner of Dollar Cinema Bernie Gurberg called Sony, and was surprised at the company's willingness to give him access to the film. No other theatre has done the same, and according to Gurberg, Dollar Cinema will be the only movie joint in all of Quebec to show The Interview.

Gurberg plans to begin screening The Interview this Friday, and, if there is warranted demand, will run the film on both of Dollar Cinema's screens at the affordably price of $5. The two rooms can hold 600 and 500 movie goers at once, although it will be interesting to see how the film's initial online release will affect the amount of Montrealers who actually head to the cinema to see it.

Being one of the only cities with citizens proclaiming "fvck it" and wishing to screen The Interview, even midst the initial banning of the movie due to fear of enraged North Korean hackers, it seems fitting a Montreal theatre would be one of the few in Canada to screen the Frogen film. I've yet to see the movie, so I hope it'll live up to all of this hype, which I still think was an elaborate ploy by Sony to boost the film's rep.

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