It's Official, Montreal Now Has New Air Conditioned STM Buses

The 'coolest' thing ever.
It's Official, Montreal Now Has New Air Conditioned STM Buses

I won't bore you with a long intro, I'll simply say that the new hybrid STM buses are finally here!

Only a few Montrealers were lucky enough to ride them so far. But the pilot projects are over and the STM says that every bus they acquire from now on will be hybrid.

So far there are 8 hybrid buses in the fleet, but the STM with be adding 26 new ones in the next 6 months. These buses which are already in operation in other cities, emit 30% less greenhouse gazes.

But the best part about them is that they all have air conditioning!

Oh and did we mention they have air conditioning?

En cette journée toute spéciale du 140e du Parc du Mont-Royal, la STM et @lemontroyal on fait une belle annonce dans le cadre de #jefaismtl cet après-midi : des bus hybrides de nouvelle génération assureront désormais le service sur la ligne 11 - Parc-du-Mont-Royal / Ridgewood ! ??? #stminfo #stm #bus #autobus #hybride #publictransit #montreal

A photo posted by STM Mouvement collectif (@stminfo) on

Pretty good timing considering this summer is going to be hotter than ever.

So these new buses are right on time to help us make it through the sweltering weather.

The first bus launched on Tuesday, May 24 and it's currently running on the number 11 route on Parc-du-Mont-Royal.

That's not the only change coming to the STM. A second Azur train has also been added to the fleet so you'll have twice as many chances of riding one.

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