It's Official, Montreal Pays The Most For Gas In North America

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Winter driving is pretty rough, and can cost you some extra dimes once you factor in winter tires, the mass amounts of windshield wiper fluid you use, and, worst of all, the incredibly high price of gas. Montrealers seem to have it the worst on that last aspect, according to CJAD, as drivers in the city pay the most for gas in all of North America.

Gas prices in Montreal and Quebec have slowly been getting with worse, as the provincial government has been loading up on the taxation of gasoline, with a new tax announced which will increase prices by two cents/litre. Not a crazy high amount, but as all drivers know, it adds up.

Below is a basic breakdown of gas prices, according to taken today, from a selection of North American cities also used by CJAD in their December 2nd report. Unfortunately, Montreal is at the bottom of the list, making our fair city the most expensive to fuel up in.

  • St. Louis, Missouri: 69.1 cents/litre
  • Miami, Florida: 81.0 cents/litre
  • New York, New York: 90.6 cents/litre
  • Calgary, Alberta: 95.8 cents/litre
  • Toronto, Ontario: 106.4 cents/litre
  • Vancouver, BC: 114.4 cents/litre
  • Montreal, Quebec: 118.3

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