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It's Official, Montreal Police Won't Ever Be Wearing Camo Pants Anymore

If everything goes according to plan, that is.
It's Official, Montreal Police Won't Ever Be Wearing Camo Pants Anymore

For the last three years, Montreal police officers have been protesting-through-fashion, wearing a wide array of colourful pants in demonstration against pension reforms.

But it looks like the camo pants (and leopard print tights) may be permanently put back in the closet.

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After an agreement between the City of Montreal and Montreal’s police union was tentatively reached in late June, Montreal police officers will be given details on the deal today, reports CBC.

Dubbed an "agreement-in-principle," the negotiated deal between the city and police union was made on June 24. That's when police officers starting taking off their multicoloured pants (or spandex leggings) for their traditional attire. At least some officers did, for a little while. 

But a majority of police officers still don't know much about the tentative deal. There is the chance police officers will cry foul, meaning the strike, and the camo pants, will come back on.  

But if everything looks good to the city’s 4600 police officers, the three-year-long protest will finally be over.  

And since the police union is fine with the deal, it's fairly likely the rest of the Montreal police officer population will follow suit. 

For those who don't remember, the police-protest  began after Quebec's premiere, Philippe Couillard, announced pension reform for city-workers. Basically, the reform made it so that a bigger chunk of a police officer's salary would go towards their retirement. 

Montreal police weren't pleased with the pay-cut, and so began the infamous wardrobe protest, which gave us all of these gems.

But as oddly amazing as it is to see a police officer in zebra print, it will be nice to see the individuals tasked with upholding the law wearing pants that exude a bit more authority. 

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