It's Official, Montreal Ranked #1 City To Be A Student In All Of North America

Student life at it's best.
It's Official, Montreal Ranked #1 City To Be A Student In All Of North America

Few can argue the appeal Montreal has to students. No matter if a student hails from Quebec, Ontario, America, or a far-off nation, Montreal houses everything they'll need, from great schools, to affordable living, to a vibrant culture. We all know this to be true, but now the rest of the world will too, as Montreal has been named the best student city in all of North America.

Based on the QS Best Student Cities 2016 report, an annual study that lists the most student-friendly metropolises from around the world, Montreal received a prestigious 7th place worldwide ranking, far ahead of any other North American city. No other city on the continent even placed in the top ten.

Only cities with populations that exceed 250, 000 and have at least two universities were included in the worldwide rankings. To determine the official ranking of the chosen cities, the QS study analyzes a given metropolis on five distinct categories, which are:

  • University Rankings (amount of university institutions in a city and their respective world rankings)
  • Student Mix (amount of domestic and international students, student population vs. entire population)
  • Desirability (culture, safety, pollution, corruption)
  • Employer activity (employer popularity for domestic and international graduates)
  • Affordability (tuition fees, retail prices)

Using these scoring categories, Montreal received 377 points, only 27 points away from the number one spot held by Paris. Interestingly, out of all the categories, Montreal ranked lowest in affordability, even though it beat out any of the other top ten cities in this index. Montreal's best score came from the "student mix" category.

No other North American city placed within the QS reports top ten. The only NA cities to place in the top twenty were Toronto, Vancouver, and Boston, who all tied for the 13th spot, and New York, which ranked 20th overall.

You may remember how in last year's QS report, Montreal actually lost out to Boston for the title of best North American student city, with a ranking of number 8 and 6, respectively.

To see how Montreal placed overall, check out the top ten chosen in the QS Best Student Cities 2016 report below.

  1. Paris (404)
  2. Melbourne (398)
  3. Tokyo (391)
  4. Sydney (388)
  5. London (384)
  6. Singapore (380)
  7. Montreal (377)
  8. Hong Kong (373)
  9. Berlin (369)
  10. Seoul (367)
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