It's Official, Montreal Ranked #1 Most Pissed Off City In The World

It's Official, Montreal Ranked #1 Most Pissed Off City In The World

Montreal has a reputation for being polite, but that doesn't mean we're a happy city.

Especially compared to the other cities in Canada.

It's seems we're always one tiny issue away from losing our minds.

Sure, people in other cities get pissed off at times, but not on the same level as Montreal. Which is probably why we aren't usually included on the list of the top happiest cities in Canada.

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We freak the fuck out about everything.

You just have to look at the comment section for some of our articles to see a glimpse of the madness.

When we mention Montreal is spending money on a new project, and people start screaming about potholes.

So we tell them Montreal is fixing the potholes, and they start screaming that there's too much construction.

And when we announce that a construction project has been completed, they get mad that we aren't talking about pit bulls enough.

Thenhere's what happens when we do talk about pit bulls.

It's becoming obvious at this point that Montreal has a lot of pent-up anger.

But that's just what happens online, people get particularly pissed off in real life as well:

Uber comes to town, and taxi drivers start assaulting them.

Tuition isn't free, so students decide to destroy a school building.

Someone gets accidentally killed during a drug bust, so we start launching Molotov cocktails at the cops.

A woman gets bitten by a dog, and we proceed to banning an entire breed.

And don't even get me started on the language law bullshit.

We actually hold an annual protest in Montreal against police brutality, and it turns violent almost every year.

When we looked up a list of the most significant Hockey Riots in Canadian history, we found that 5 out of 8 happened in Montreal.

But what's even crazier is that 4 out of 5 of those riots happened after we won!

That's insane. We're even pissed off when we celebrate.

And if winning a Stanley Cup can make us riot, imagine what would need to happen for us to actually be happy.

Even if the government gave each of us a million dollars, we'd probably complain that our wallets are too heavy.

Yup, I think it's safe to say that Montreal is by far the most pissed off cities in Canada.

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