It's Official, Montreal STM Buses Will Now Let You Use Your OPUS Card Through The Back Door

The STM has just sent us a press release to announce that they are planning on improving the way you board buses. 

They just acquired 2,500 news card validators that will be faster and more efficient at scanning opus cards. 

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No only that, but they will be installing these new scanners at the front AND at the back of every articulated bus. 

That means you'll now be able to board the bus from the back when the lineup at the front door is too long.

The STM already experimented with boarding from the rear, but it was only possible for articulated buses, and only when they're parked outside a metro station. It was so specific that most people just didn't bother, but thanks to the new read scanners, there will be no more confusion, just scan your card and climb aboard.  

As a special bonus, the press release from the STM also mentions that these readers will allow for the evolution of the system so they can move towards new technologies". And last month, the STM revealed they were exploring the possibility of paying with phone your debit or your credit card, so this might just be what they were talking about.

The new scanners are expected to be deployed by 2019.