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It's Official, Montreal STM Passes Will Be More Expensive This Summer

Just last week, STM unveiled their plan to improve transit services in Montreal from now through 2025. 

There was a lot of information in the packet, including pay via mobile phone, and a whole slew of other great things.

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Naturally, when approvements are in the works, someone has to pay for them.

That someone is all of us. STM has announced that transit fares are set to rise, officially, this summer.

As of July 1st, 2018, STM will see a small increase on some of their fares. 

It may not be much, but the added buck or two will be what helps to finance all the improvements STM plans to make to their service in the coming years. 

The Regional Transportation Authority (ARTM) is forcing a 2% increase of rider fares for the STM, STL, RTM, and RTL - all of which come into effect July 1st. 

The cost of one individual ticket will usually stay the same, but the cost of packages will rise by a few bucks.

A monthly STM pass in Montreal currently costs us $83, but as of July, it will jump to $85. A 10-ride pack will rise by $1 to $28. 

Student, children and senior fares see no changes.

Here is the full STM Fare increase chart:


It's not a huge increase, but it's definitely something you want to be aware of! 

You can find more information on all of the other fare increases in the full document right here.

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