It's Official, Montreal To Experience Record Breaking Hot Summer

Get excited, get really really excited.
It's Official, Montreal To Experience Record Breaking Hot Summer

With all the weird weather we've had to far this year, one begins to wonder whether we'll be getting a decent summer or a cold grey rainy mess.

After checking the forecast this morning, I was not reassured.

Not only are we supposed to get some thunderstorms today, but there is also a severe smog warning in effect.

The Weather Network issued a warning today that the air quality is so poor that people with asthma, respiratory problems or heart diseases should avoid doing physical activity outdoors until the warning has been lifted.

Photo cred - theweathernetwork

But what about the rest of the summer? You know you've been hearing about all that El Niño/La Niña crap, but what does it all mean for us?

Well that depends on how much you like the heat.

As you can see from this map, we're at the perfect spot. We're right between "near normal" and "above normal". Which means it will be hot, but it won't unbearably excruciatingly hot, which makes me very happy.

Photo cred - theweathernetwork

There will be cooler weather days in the next few weeks but overall temperatures will be above seasonal and the second half the summer will be even warmer.

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