It's Official, Montreal Will Host Its First-Ever Legal "Pot Fest" This Summer

It was expected, and now it is coming.
It's Official, Montreal Will Host Its First-Ever Legal "Pot Fest" This Summer

Montreal is the festival capital of Canada... according to me! 

Well, according to many people, actually. Osheaga is the top-ranked music festival in the country... and Toronto does have a good chunk of festivals themselves, but nothing really compares to Montreal. 

We have a festival for just about everything. It only makes sense that Montreal would have a massive festival planned for the coming time that Canada finally legalizes marijuana.

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That is exactly what is happening. 

Montreal's first ever, official "Pot Fest" has been announced from Fabio Broccoli, the man behind Montreal classics like La Pizza Week and Lobster Clam Jam

Via Potfest Montreal

Though official details and dates are scarce at the moment, here's what we know about the coming yearly festival so far.

Montreal's leading headshop, Prohibition, has teamed up with Perennial Events (Lobster clam Jam, Dog Fest, and La Pizza Week) to deliver the first festival of its kind to Montreal.

The first annual Pot Fest Montreal will be much more than just a "smoke it if you got it" party. The festival will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs and industry leaders to inform and educate the public about the industry that will soon take over Canada (it's already begun).

Mixing together a trade show and a full-on celebration, Pot Fest Montreal will host over 50 industry-related merchants and businesses featuring exhibitions and demonstrations of their products. 

This includes licensed producers, dispensaries, and seed companies. Medical clinics, health and wellness providers will also be on hand.

Highlighting the versatility of the special marijuana buds, how-to demonstrations for producing smokables like Wax, Oil, and Shatter will also be happening. 

Renowned local chefs will be kicking it Pot Fest Montreal, challenged to create a signature Marijuana infused dish for those who don't want to smoke or vape their ganja, but still hold an interest in some of the many, many benefits of CBD, THC, and Marijuana as a whole. 

You'll be able to relax at a tropical themed Massage Spa and chow down on the curated delectable edibles in the "Munchies Village."

While the details and info begin to role out, I must say that this has got to be on of the hottest and most anticipated of festivals coming to Montreal, aside from the big staple fests like Osheaga and iLeSoniq. 

I will continue to keep you guys updated on all things Pot Fest Montreal.

Check out their Facebook page.

Via Pot Fest Montreal

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