It's Official, Montreal Will Now Have Morning Yoga-Massage-Dance Raves

Get ready for the first Morning Gloryville Montreal.
It's Official, Montreal Will Now Have Morning Yoga-Massage-Dance Raves

Photo cred - RobinLDN

What was once a potentiality for the people of Montreal has now been confirmed: Morning Gloryville, otherwise known as the "rave way to start your day," will be happening in Montreal. Now with a set time and location, you can look forward to the most invigorating (and fun) morning you've ever experienced.

An extension of the morning dance rave series that is already thing in London and New York, the Montreal version of Morning Gloryville will be much the same. What does the entail, exactly? Well, here's what you can expect, as outlined on the event's Facebook page:

  • A live DJ who will bring the energy
  • A free morning massage
  • Organic smoothies and cold-pressed juices to get you going
  • A bunch of breakfast foods
  • Yoga + Acro Yoga (whatever that is) classes on-site
  • TONS of dancing (this is a rave, after all)

Seems like a lot to take in right after you wake up, but just imagine how much positive energy and you'll be brimming with when you start the day with dancing, yoga, AND massages. Actually, we can't imagine it, so we're going to have to experience it first-hand at Morning Gloryville. We suggest you do the same.

Montreal's first Morning Gloryville event will be held on Thursday, Febuary 5th from 6:30am to 10:30am at the Loft Hotel on Sherbrooke street. Get all the details and links to buy tickets by heading to the official Facebook event page here.