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It's Official, Montreal's 2014 Oysterfest Date Is Set For September At Terrasses Bonsecours

A mother shucking good time.
It's Official, Montreal's 2014 Oysterfest Date Is Set For September At Terrasses Bonsecours

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Summer is going to end with a shucking great time thanks to Montreal's 6th annual Oysterfest, officially set to be held on Saturday, September 6th & Sunday, September 7th. Two days of food, fun, and booze that'll make you with the summer could last forever.

After 6 years, Oysterfest has become one of the premiere food-events/outdoor parties in Montreal. Last year over 2000 people and 50 restos/vendors flocked to the Old Port to enjoy all things oysters.

If you love oysters, you gotta check it out, as the Old Port Fishing Company will be handpicking the best of the best for you to enjoy. Even if you aren't an oyster fan, renowned restos like L'Orignal, Garde Manger, Flyjin, and MANY more will be on-site to feed all of your cravings.

Drinks will be needed to enjoy all the oytser-licious delicacies, and the staff of Burgundy Lion and Philemon will be there to keep your whistles more than wet. Pair drinks and eats with live music and DJs, and you have the makings of a most legit outdoor party.

For those interested in less standard summer party fare, there are some incredibly cool competitions held at Oysterfest that spectators actually get to enjoy. A mixology tourney, the MOTTS Canadian Classic ceasar competition, and the World Oyster Shucking Invitational will add some competitive excitement to the day.

Feel good about yourself as your enjoying all the food, beers, and entertainment, as all proceeds from Oysterfest will go towards the Open Pier Foundation, and NGO devoted towards aquatic sustainability. Charity always makes your day-drunk better, it's proven by science.

For any and all updates, check out the Oysterfest website and Twitter account.

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