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It's Official, Montreal's "Cat Café Montréal" On Saint-Denis Street Opens July 2014

You've heard the rumours and now we can officially confirm all the hubbub: Montreal is getting a cat cafe this summer and it will be the first of its kind in North America. Cat Café Mtl will be swinging its doors open to cat and coffee lovers alike in just a few short weeks, and we have everything you need to know.

Co-creator of Cat Café Mtl Nadine Spencer was kind enough to talk to us and give us the lowdown on the new feline-centric coffee house. Not to be confused with Café Chat l’Heureux, Cat Café Mtl will be its own entirely unique establishment with just as much (if not more) cat-love fueling the project.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Where: 3435 St. Denis
  • When: July 2014 (opening set for early in the month)
  • Who: Nadine Spencer and Youssef Labib in collaboration with SPCA Montreal
  • What: The first cat cafe in North America. They actually registered the concept with the city first, so yes, they can claim this title
  • Why: To create an entirely new venue in Montreal combining coffee and cat-owner culture in one space

One major criticism for cat cafes is the sanitation issue, as no one really wants a bunch of hair in their latte, or Meowchiato (yes this will be a beverage name), but CCM is making sure it won't be an issue. To ensure all sanitation regulations are met, no food will be prepared on site, and cats will be separated from any food-holding areas in the cafe, only having access to their own eats. Pastries and sweet treats will be served, just without any fur.

Eight different felines will be adopted by Cat Café Mtl, and they'll always call the café home. Adoption for other cats won't happen directly through the cafe, but CCM, working with the SPCA, will spreading awareness on how to adopt cats, as well as hosting workshops on animal care and promoting animal rights in general.

Many people in Montreal can't have a cat or pet, either due to building codes or monetary restrictions, but  Cat Café Mtl will solve that problem.  Cat Café Mtl hope to fill the feline-void left in some people's lives, while also simultaneously offering a cool new venue to relax and educating the city on animal welfare.

For more info and to keep up to date on all things Cat Café Mtl check out the FB page and the official website here.

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