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It's Official, Montreal's Terrasse Season Begins This Weekend

The sweet sounds and sensations of summer are all but here, people. We waited a hell of a long time, but Mother Nature and Montreal have officially joined forces to make life amazing again, by which we mean we can officially start drinking on terrasses.

Beginning today, terrasses will return to the streets of Montreal, once more allowing us all to simultaneously enjoy the sun and a cold pitcher. And it's good timing, too, with the incoming heat wave that's about to make Montreal summer-level warm this weekend.

The return of terrasses is hitting the Plateau first (as far as we know/can confirm), and earlier than usual too, since the start-date for the occupation of public spaces by businesses is today, rather than May 4 like last year.

Not everyone in the Plateau will be able to set up much-adored and oft-frequented terrasses, however, as certain streets are sadly being declared "no terrasse zones."

Don't forget that smoking on terrasses has been officially prohibited across the city, so while we can look forward to drinks on a terrasse, enjoying a cigarette at the same time will no longer be a thing.

But rather than focus on the bad, lets all just take a moment to appreciate that the magic of summer has finally returned!

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