It's Official, Montreal's Verdun Is Getting Its First REAL Bar In Over 100 Years

A long, long time ago (not in a galaxy far, far away) bars were banned in the borough of Verdun. Since bars were prohibited in the borough, there's been next to no change, with Verdun being almost completely dry. All that changed a few years ago, with an exciting new development in the works that will make Verdun even more fun.

For those who aren't fully aware of the liquor history of Verdun, here's what you need to know: In 1875, bars were banned in the borough. Back in 2013, the liquor laws were loosened, allowing only one microbrewery (and yes, it had to be a microbrewery) in all of Verdun.

Since Benelux opened in 2013, nothings really changed in Verdun, but it will. Set to open sometime before the holidays is the first traditional bar in Verdun, Bar Palco.

Unlike Benelux, which is a microbrewery, or any other venue that sells alcohol in Verdun, all of which have Food-Primary Licence, Bar Palco will have a standard bar license.

So for the first time in over 100 years, you can grab one of your favourite brews (that wasn't made on-site) and drink to your heart's content without needing to order food.

Not to say there won't be food at Bar Palco. After speaking directly with the bars operators, we learned that Bar Palco aims to position itself as a neighborhood bar that is also a cultural platform for artists of every sort, with a full food menu to boot.

Bar Palco also promises a different event every week (ranging from musical performances to vernissages), a Foosball table, a stage with a working piano, and as with every quality bar, a selection of beers, imported wines, and cocktails.

Only a minute walk from de l’Église in the heart of Verdun, Bar Palco will be easily accessible once it opens, which should be sometime before the holidays are upon us, according to the bar's operators.

To get more info and stay updated on Bar Palco's opening date, head over to the bar's Facebook page here.