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It's Official, Piknic Électronik Will Be Held At Montreal’s Downtown Beer Garden This Summer

If there's one deterrent from enjoying the magic that is Piknic Électronik, the weekly outdoor electronic music festival that takes over Parc Jean-Drapeau every Sunday, it's the entrance fee. Sure, it's only about $15, but that's more than it costs to go to Tams, not to mention all the drinks you're going to buy.

The thing is, though, once you get your first taste of Piknic, you're hooked for life, and it's the best summertime addiction you can have.

But in just a couple of weeks, you can live the electricity that is Piknic for zero charge. That's right, Piknic is going to be free, giving you the chance to dance in the sun with your friends without having to fork out some extra dollar bills.

Not quite a classic Piknic, this special zero-charge event will be held at Montreal's summertime beer garden Jardin Gamelin. So no, it's not exactly the Piknic we all are used to, but by being on the island the event is far easier to get to than ever.

Not to mention the lack of cover charge makes it ultra-accessible. By the end of the night, you'll totally be hooked on all things Piknic Electronic.

Like any Piknic, live DJs will be busting out the tunes (Eloïze and MightyKat, to be precise) throughout the night. Combined with the drinks, food, and altogether magical energy that can always be found at Jardin Gamelin, and you have a pretty awesome evening.

The free Piknic Électronik at Jardin Gamelin is going down on Thursday, June 16th and will begin at 5pm. For all the details and any updates, head to the official Facebook event.

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