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It's Official, Quebec Is The Most Hated Province In Canada

We seem to have quite a few rivals.
It's Official, Quebec Is The Most Hated Province In Canada

The Canadian provinces may have their sibling rivalries, and we might make fun of each other for our differences, but the bigger picture should be that we're all just from the same country, right? Well, it doesn't look that way to everyone else. Especially for Quebec, who has just been deemed the most hated province in Canada after a study found how the rest of the country feels about their eastern neighbour.

TL;DR A recent survey finds that both B.C. and Quebec are not considered friendly or close to the other Canadian provinces. Quebec is ranked the most unfriendly by both Alberta and Saskatchewan. More details on the study below.

The latest survey from the Angus Reid Institute identified which provinces felt the closest to other Canadian provinces and which felt less than friendly. It was discovered that the more you travel east, the more we all hate each other.

Although there was a bit of cold blood between some of the provinces, one thing was made clear: everyone hates Quebec.

The study first revealed that Albertans feel especially close to their Saskatchewan neighbours, as 77 per cent of the province agreed that they felt "especially friendly" toward the province. Across the country, this seemed to be the most likely response.

Among these numbers, 62 per cent of Saskatchewan's respondents said good things about Manitoba. So far it seemed as though Canada gets along pretty well, but two provinces were left out of the fun and basically deemed loners when it comes to having allies in the country: B.C. and Quebec.

When B.C. was asked which province they felt were close or friendly with them, majority of the population mentioned "none." They also didn't rank too well among the other provinces, with their highest ranking of being considered friendly at 19%.

This is when you think things couldn't get any worse among the provinces, but surprisingly they do. Remember how Quebec ranked most hated? Well, the survey concluded that most Canadian provinces consider their eastern neighbour unfriendly.

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The largest concentration of this belief comes from Alberta, where 81 per cent of respondents said they felt "less close" to Quebec. As you can imagine, Quebecers didn't feel too strongly about anyone else either.

51 per cent of respondents in Quebec agree that Alberta is unfriendly and "less close" towards them, while at least 74 per cent of Saskatchewan respondents agree with Alberta's evaluation.

It's pretty clear that Quebec has quite a few rivals in the country.

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