It's Official, Quebec Ranked #1 For Highest Taxes In All Of Canada

The province is getting screwed.
It's Official, Quebec Ranked #1 For Highest Taxes In All Of Canada

Everyone is always bragging about how affordable Montreal is. Rent, school, transportation; they all cost a lot less than they do in many other Canadian cities. 

But there's a price to pay for all these "discounts". Montreal is in Quebec after all, and Quebec pays more income tax than any other province in Canada. A lot more. 

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Even when you take into account the fact that each province has their own tax brackets, you can clearly see that even our lowest tax bracket is higher than some of the other provinces highest tax bracket. 



Northwest Territories


Prince Edward Island



New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador;


British Columbia

Nova Scotia

The deadline for tax season in Canada was April 30 — if you missed it, don't panic. We asked H&R Block senior tax expert Josée Cabral what to do if you missed the deadline for filing your income tax to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec

For starters, know that grace periods for taxes in Quebec and Canada exist. However, your benefits and credits could be delayed if you missed the tax deadline. This includes COVID-19 relief measures, such as the CRB.

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