Opinion: Quebec's SQDC Is The Worst Drug Dealer Ever

You know it's true.
Opinion: Quebec's SQDC Is The Worst Drug Dealer Ever

The province of Quebec has some serious problems when it comes to marijuana legalization. The main issue is that they have no idea what they are doing. 

Perhaps they figured selling drugs was easy.  After all if a random stoner teenager can do it, how hard can it possibly be? 

TL;DR The reasons listed below prove that Quebec's SQDC is the worst drug dealer ever.

The fact is that Quebec is the worst drug dealer ever, think about it. 

  • They don't have enough stores open.
  • The stores aren't open most of the time. 
  • When they are open the lines aren't worth waiting in.
  • If you do wait in line, chances are they will run out of stock.
  • If they don't completely run out of stock, they probably still won't have the product you're looking for. 
  • They claim they won't actually be able to properly restock their shelves for another 6 months
  • They won't or can't sell it to you but they also won't actually let you grow your own. So they're basically telling you that you have no option but to call up your old drug dealer. 

To top it all off, they demonize the people who smoke, and they might set up a road block to try to arrest you on your drive home.

What kind of a dealer does that to their clients? 

Seriously, Quebec and the SQDC are the worst drug dealers of all time. 

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