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It's Official, Quebec Students Have It The Easiest In Canada

At least when it comes to needing to work shitty jobs.
It's Official, Quebec Students Have It The Easiest In Canada

Photo cred - Doug Caribb

Montreal and Quebec's university students have been proven to have the easiest school situation, at least in terms of money-stress.

A new study conducted by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) shows how, at minimum wage compensation, the rest of Canada needs to work 570 hours to pay for school in comparison to 266 hours needed by Quebec students.

Students in Quebec need to work half as much to pay for school. See for yourself using the CCPA's interactive map and in the image below.

The fact is true across many programs, as medicine, law, business, engineering, nursing, architecture, education and mathematics are all cheapest in Quebec.

Truth is, this is far from a bad thing. While all other Canadian students need to spend hours serving coffee at Tim Hortons to pay for tuition, students in Quebec have a lot more time to actually focus on their studies.

Or, as is more likely the case, chill out, drink, and actually have fun in university. Either way, it shows that when it comes to post-secondary education, Quebec does it better than the rest of Canada.

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