The results are in and they're troubling.

Boys in Quebec are getting terrible results in school when compared to the the girls, and the gap is getting bigger

What's weird is that this is apparently the opposite pattern of what's going on in the rest of Canada where the gap is getting smaller.

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So what's going on here that's making Quebec boys so dumb?

Several theories have been suggested by researchers as to why girls are kicking guy's asses.

The first is simple, the way in which school is organized is geared towards women. Studies have shown that in every grade, girls have better social skills than boys, they are less violent and they behave more than boys. This allows them to work harder, which is how they earn better grades.

That's the classic theory, but it doesn't explain why things are worse in Quebec than in the rest of Canada.

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That's why another more controversial idea has been suggested by Joseph Facal, a reporter from Journal de Montreal.

It's TV's fault.

No, it's not that boys are watching too much TV. It'd the way Quebec media portrays men on TV and in cinema. The typical French Canadian man on TV is a dumb, insecure, naive, brute.

There 's no middle ground. Either you're either a caveman or you're pegged as effeminate for doing anything that's not considered manly.

It's not that crazy when you think about it.

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The guy is always portrayed as stupid. He's immature, he likes games and toys and things that make a lot of noise. He can't cook, or clean or do laundry, he doesn't know how to be romantic, and if he did, that would be considered "girly."

As Woody Allen said:

“Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.”

So what do you think?

It is TV's fault? It it because school isn't meant for boys? Or is it just because girls work harder?

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