It's Official, REESE Miniatures Stuffed With Pieces Are Now Available In Canada

And the magic happens again!
It's Official, REESE Miniatures Stuffed With Pieces Are Now Available In Canada

Anyone that know me knows that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE chocolate and peanut butter together. It's the perfect mix. And anyone who feels the same way as I do (so everyone, basically) will know that REESE is the perfect peanut-butter-chocolate lover's treat! 

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Remember the ultimate happinessyou felt last year when you finally put your hands on the REESE Big Cup Stuffed With Pieces? The OG REESE Peanut Butter Cup filled with delicious REESE's Pieces was every REESE enthusiast's dream come true. It was AMAZING!

And guess what? REESE is at it again! This time they are releasing REESE Miniatures Stuffed With Pieces. The exact same yumminess as the Big Cup... but in miniature version. (AKA, it'll now be easier to stuff, like, 3 in your mouth at once). 

Yes, I said miniatures, guys! No need to break your cups anymore and split it with your friends to experience this game changer. Just share a pack or more of the new REESE Miniatures, and experience the peanut butter-y, chocolate-y, REESE's Pieces-y magic together.

* And the crowd goes crazy*


I can't wait to share it with my friends and bring it to parties/get togethers. I'm sure it will be the first snack to go! Everyone will absolutely love it. 

In my opinion, it's the perfect shareable snack. It's portable, yummy, mini and REESE-IER! This piece of pure happiness is available all over Canada, so be on the lookout and jump on it ASAP!

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Since sharing is caring, why not enjoy this super cool treat with your favourite people? Check out the REESE Canada Facebook page and website for more information and to find out where to pick up your very own pack!