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It's Official, Rent Prices Are Getting Cheaper In Montreal

Good news, for once!
It's Official, Rent Prices Are Getting Cheaper In Montreal

If you haven't heard of Padmapper, then you're seriously at a loss. It's a super great site that can help you find an apartment in the US and Canada.

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And naturally, because they have so many listing and clients, they've got a pretty good idea about where the apartments tend to cost the most money.

It might interest you to know that rent in Canada's most expensive cities has actually been falling. That's right, it's actually less expensive to live in one of the top five priciest cities in Canada.

According to PadMapper analysis of March prices, the rent increased in 12 cities, decreased in 8, and stayed the same in 6. So, I guess overall rent is still going up (boooo).

Vancouver, British Colombia just outranked Toronto with an average of $2,000 for a one-bedroom and is now the most expensive place to live in Canada, while Windsor, Ontario is the cheapest with a $710 average for a one-bedroom.

Now the part we are all waiting for: Montreal's ranking. Our city is actually ranked the fourth most expensive place to live! The average price per one-bedroom is $1,300, which is actually a 3.7% dip.

Check out Padmapper's website for a full listing of every city in Canada. This way, you can see where the cheapest places to live are near you. Otherwise, here are the ten most expensive :

Via PadMapper

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