It's Official: Scientists Confirm That Man Flu Is Real

Male reaction to respiratory discomfort is not an exaggeration.
It's Official: Scientists Confirm That Man Flu Is Real

A new Canadian study claims that respiratory illnesses may hit men harder than women.

Study author Kyle Sue has been quoted as saying that "there are already many physiologic differences between men and women, so it makes sense that we could differ in our responses to cold and flu as well."


Evidence points to men having a weaker immune system than women, especially for viral respiratory symptoms.

The study was essentially an analysis of previous studies.

One of these, an investigation from Hong Kong, found that adult men face a greater risk of hospitalization than their female counterparts.

Another of the studies quoted found that men had a higher risk of developing complications from the flu than women.

Furthermore, it has also been found that hormonal differences between men and woman may actually offer women greater protection from the full impact of flu symptoms. 

Similarly, other evidence indicated that the onset of flu might trigger a stronger immune response amongst women than men.

In short, women have stronger physical constitutions than men.

Such data proves that there are tangible reasons behind the excessive displays of vulnerability with which men have become associated, when sick.