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Take A Look At Montreal's New "Pink" STM Metro Line

Big changes are coming.
Take A Look At Montreal's New "Pink" STM Metro Line

Over the years there have been several new metro line proposals, many of which were abandoned or postponed indefinitely

There was thered line, the purple line, the blue line extension, and at one point, there was even a white line in the works. 

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But now, Projet Montreal has a new project they want to propose called The Pink Line. 

The line would connect Montreal North to the downtown core and head south towards lachine. 

The project is estimated to cost 6 billion. Valérie Plante says the project is ambitious but achievable. 

One things' for sure, I think we can all agree that the metro needs some work and some more stations.

Other than the blue line extension which is still in the works, there haven't been any major additions to the metro for close to 50 years and  considering how many more people use the metro every day, it's only matter of time before the system is overwhelmed. 


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