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It's Official, The Montreal Canadiens Are Canada's #1 Favourite Team

Habs beat the Leafs once again.
It's Official, The Montreal Canadiens Are Canada's #1 Favourite Team

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There is zero doubt in any mind in Montreal that the Habs are the most beloved team of the city. Try and dispute that statement and you'll probably regret it. Montreal, and Quebec, love the Canadiens, but apparently, so does the rest of Canada, more than any other team. Looks like the Habs beat out the Leafs for a second day in a row.

Forum Research, at the behest of CityNews, polled 1, 504 random Canadians, and asked them basic questions about professional hockey. Each participant was asked to choose their favourite team, with 23% saying they were Habs fans. Not an incredibly large number, but you can feel the love after knowing that the Habs crushed the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks in approval ratings.

In comparison, the Leafs and Canucks gained 12% of the overall vote, with the Calgary Flames attaining a meager 7%. With double the amount of participants choosing the Habs over the Leafs or Canucks, suffice it to say Montreal's favourite team is the entire nation's as well. The remaining 46% of voters chose American teams (for shame!) with the Pittsburgh Penguins being the most popular.

To see more of Canadian perspectives on hockey, check out all of the poll's finding's here.

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