It's Official, The Provincial And Federal Government Are On-Board For Montreal's New Pink Line Metro

With support from the provincial and federal government confirmed, Montreal's proposed Pink Line project is all set to move forward. 

That’s according to Mayor Valérie Plante who spoke about the state of public transit in Montreal during an interview on Radio-Canada’s Première yesterday. 

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“We feel that everyone is on the same wavelength” said Plante, referencing the federal and provincial government’s willingness to support public transit projects like the Pink Line metro. 

Plante added that, if Montreal wants to reduce its CO2 emissions, a special focus needs to be given towards public transit. 

Both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly were in Montreal this past week, giving Mayor Plante the chance to discuss the state of Montreal’s public transit. 

Trudeau didn’t say much on the federal government’s willingness to invest in Montreal public transit infrastructure, only saying that there’s continued collaboration going on between the two levels of government. 

Joly was a bit more vocal on the matter. 

"At the federal level, we decided to invest more than ever in public transit," said Mélanie Joly, reports Radio-Canada

Joly, a born-and-raised Montrealer, commented on the traffic issue in Montreal and that ways to alleviate the issue must be worked on. 

But, Joly said, “it will be up to Montreal to prioritize its various projects.”

And that’s the real take away here: investment in public transit isn’t being set aside solely for the Pink Line. 

Rather, the investment-commitment is towards public transit infrastructure in general, the Pink Line is just Plante’s main focus. 

With Ottawa and Quebec on board, said Plante, Montreal needs to assess the cost and viability of the Pink Line. 

But, Plante stressed, “we must move fairly quickly” since the “window of opportunity” for investment from Ottawa is here right now. 

Mayor Plante isn’t wholly obsessed with the Pink Line, as she did say she would be willing to invest in an extension of the Blue or Orange Lines. 

Still, Plante did say that her administration is “committed to pushing the Pink Line,” since it was an election promise. 

The Plante administration, however, won’t be waiting on the Pink Line to improve mobility in Montreal. At the dawn of the new year, said Plante, the municipal government will try to secure new hybrid buses for the STM network, another election promise. 

No details were given as to when the promised 300 hybrid buses will hit the streets of Montreal.