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It's Official, The SAQ Wants To Start Selling Marijuana

Remember last week, when I took a rather strange (to some) stance on the future of marijuana in Quebec, with my thesis basically being that the SAQ should start selling cannabis?

Yeah, well, that idea met with some fairly harsh criticisms, with many pulling the whole "are you crazy, that would never happen!" card.

As always, haters gonna hate, but now I have something concrete to throw in the faces of anyone who called me an idiot: the SAQ has gone on the record stating that they would be the ideal vendor for marijuana in the province of Quebec.

Technically, it was the SAQ workers union that made the statement, adding that if Trudeau were to make good on his promise to legalize marijuana, that the Crown corporation would be entirely open to selling cannabis in SAQ outlets.

Getting the ball rolling, the SAQ union has already ordered a study which will delve into the possibility of implementing the sale of marijuana in outlets.

So while nothing is even close to confirmed, it is pretty cool to hear that the SAQ is very open to the notion of becoming a combo liquor-marijuana outlet.

SAQ claim gleaned from CJAD, pulling from a JdeM article

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