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It's Official, The SAQ Wants To Start Selling Weed In Montreal

The SMQ: Société de la Marijuana du Québec
It's Official, The SAQ Wants To Start Selling Weed In Montreal

Today there is a public consultation taking place at the Palais des Congres to figure out how Quebec should regulate the use of recreational marijuana once it becomes legal in 2018.

We're not sure exactly how or where weed will be sold in Quebec, but we do know the SAQ employees are pushing hard to get their liquor stores to become the exclusive weed dealers of the province.

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Two unions from the SAQ are proposing that the company should open separate weed boutiques to sell weed the same way they sell alcohol. In layman's terms that means selling you weed without a container and charging you $5 extra for a bag.

I guess they'd have to call it the SMQ (Société de la Marijuana du Québec)

Either way, if this happens I'm hoping that much like the rare spirits the SAQ has available in stores, the SMQ will also have super rare expensive weeds kept under lock and key.

The unions are actually planning on presenting this plan at the public consultation, so I guess we'll have to wait and find out. Pharmaprix also expressed a desire to sell weed awhile back so who knows what will happen.

Who do you think should control the sale of weed in Quebec? 


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