It's Official, The SQDC Is The Most Hated Cannabis Store In Canada

We can safely say we've all be familiarized with legal cannabis by now. Most of us have even gone to the official stores across Quebec, known as the SQDC.

You'd think that by legalizing marijuana across the country, and offering stores where the public could go and buy safe product, that we'd all be pretty happy right now, right?

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TL;DR The SQDC is the most hated cannabis store in the country. Below are just a few reasons why the store is so despised.

Well, wrong.

Quebecers can agree that out of all the provinces that currently have legal marijuana stores, Quebec seriously got the short end of the stick. By now most of us can even go as far as saying we totally despise the SQDC.

Why? Well, here's just a few reasons why the SQDC is the worst:

  • They've already run out of most products in less than a month of being open.
  • They won't be able to restock their marijuana supply for another six months.
  • The massive shortages have caused the stores to shut down 3 days a week.
  • They've been named the "worst neighbour" by business owners.
  • Online orders rarely arrive on time.
  • There are always hour(s) long wait times. No matter what day of the week.
  • They're selling you less product than you think you're buying.

Since we all officially hate the SQDC now, you're probably coming to the conclusion that you'd rather just grow your own marijuana plants at home than wait around for product to come to stores or deal with the stress and delays that seem never ending.

Unfortunately, if you live in Quebec, you just can't have that either. Despite up to four plants being legal in most other Canadian provinces, Quebec has a ban on any home cultivation. So you're seriously out of luck. 

Only time will tell if the SQDC ever recovers from being provincially hated. As of now, it looks like they never will.

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