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It's Official, The Weather In Quebec Is Going To Be Horrible This Summer

Keep a raincoat handy!
It's Official, The Weather In Quebec Is Going To Be Horrible This Summer

Well, this is sort of unfortunate news. The weather in Canada is ever-changing, and it's got this boy a little choked! 

I had just written about Canada, and Quebec's coming summer season as predicted by Environment Canada's senior climatologist the other week - and he was predicting a hotter than average summer season in our region. 

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Before you all get a little crazy and start calling me out for fake weather news, the weather predictions made are still accurate. We are still expecting a warmer than average season in the Eastern Canadian region of the country. 

A hot and dry summer is expected in the Western regions of Canada, with fire season and droughts sparking a big concern among the West and prairie provinces. 

Eastern Canada should expect an alternating pattern of warm and cool temperatures - and lots, and lots of storms. 

This was sort of expected as per the Environment Canada predictions the other week. They were calling for higher than average temperatures and lots of humidity. 

It's worth noting that on average there are NOT more days of rain to be expected, but heavy rainfall will bring the average amount of rain above the usual expectations. 

Summer in southern Quebec and Ontario will be "seasonably warm" with occasionally stormy (and stronger storms, too) summer forecast. 

Via The Weather Network

We can expect to see more hot weather than last year, but nothing near the persistent heat that Montreal enjoyed 2-years ago. 

Periods of cooler weather during the first half of June are expected, as well as the second half of summer. More consistent warmer temperatures can be expected in the second half of June and well into July. 

Weather forecasters are also watching out for the potential of an earlier arrival of cooler weather heading into Fall! Which is a real shame. 

Still, the promise of more lightning and thunderstorms doesn't bother me much - especially seeing as that the predictions do not say we should expect more of them, but rather more intense storms when they do hit the area.

I love thunderstorms - so, I'm okay with this. 

You can check out the in-depthCanadian summer forecast by province right here. 

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