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It's Official: There Is No Hell, The Pope Said So

I guess our sins won't be punished?
It's Official: There Is No Hell, The Pope Said So

Religion will always be a touchy subject. I've heard people argue for hours on end about whether or not there's a heaven or a hell. Science v.s religion is the battle that will probably never end.

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But hey, there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Our differences are what makes life interesting, as long as everyone is respectful and understanding of each other.

The thing is, something happened recently that has made the religious world question everything they believe in.

In case you didn't know the Pope and the Vatican are seen as the highest authority (besides God) for Catholics. So when he says something, it's a really big deal. I mean, he's the Pope for crying out loud!

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Well, last Thursday, a front-page article coming from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica stated some pretty shocking things. The article claimed that the pope himself said that hell does not exist.

Wait, what?! Now, that just doesn't make any sense. Well, here's the story.

When known atheist Eugenion Salfariwrote the article, it wasn't the first time he had made some pretty intense allegations about the church. Now, of course, every time he says something crazy, the Vatican's communications office makes sure the world knows what is and isn't true.

The way that this Italian journalist conducts interviews leaves us with a lot of questions. He says that he doesn't use any kind of recording decide nor does he take notes. So, he writes his stories from memory. He's also 93 years old.

He's also written articles saying that the Pope claimed that there is no God, that divorce is just fine and that sinners were "annihilated". So clearly, he likes to stir shit up with religious believers.

The weird thing is, Mr. Salfari and Pope Francis actually have a really good relationship. Apparently, this is the fifth time they've met and talked. Because he is a "non-believer", the Pope feels like it is important to have an open discussion with him.

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