The news came in this morning, but until the official announcement was made, we simply didn't want to believe it. 

But now the press conference has been held and the news is out. 

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Uber will be ceasing all business activities in Quebec on October 14th. 

That means:

You have a little over 2 weeks to ride some Ubers before they disappear forever. 

Uber Drivers will need to find a new side-hustle.

Taxi drivers will be dancing in the streets. 

and it also means you'll have to readjust to the reality of taking cabs everywhere. 

But the saddest part of all this is that with Uber leaving, that also might mean the departure of UberEATS, which was by far the best food delivery service in Montreal. 

Although, when Uber was banned in London, UberEats was not affected, so we'll have to wait and see.