It's Official, This Is The Fastest Cellphone Network You Can Get In Montreal

A nationwide report tells all.
It's Official, This Is The Fastest Cellphone Network You Can Get In Montreal

Not many aspects of living in Canada truly unite its citizens; Canada is such a large and diverse country (both geographically and socially) that its difficult to claim any common ground among Canadians.

But if there's one thing every person in Canada can agree (or hate) on, it's that we all get screwed over by cellphone companies.

Canada not-so-proudly boasts some of the most expensive cell phone network plans, consistently forcing us all to fork over a bunch of cash every month.

Unfortunately, the price of a cell phone plan won't be changing anytime soon, but there is one small consolation: Canada's mobile networks are pretty top notch.

In a study published by OpenSignal, an app designed to test the performance of mobile networks around the world, every single mobile operator in Canada was pitted against each other to determine the nation's best mobile network.

Download speed, coverage, and latency (how long it takes for data to move across the network, important for video calls) were all taken into account within the report, which focused on Canada's Big 3 providers, namely Bell, Telus, and Rogers, though regional providers were also included.

And quite surprisingly, solely for folks living in Quebec, Videotron was found to have the fastest mobile network, even beating out the Big 3.

On average, Canada's nationwide providers delivered an average download speed of 17 Mbps. Videotron clocked in with 4G download speeds over 27 Mbps in the province.

The Quebec-based network provider was no slouch in terms of coverage either, providing Quebecers with a cell signal 78% of the time, only a tiny bit away from the nation's best coverage rate (Rogers, with 80%).

All in all, if you live in Quebec (and we're assuming you do if you're reading this right now) then Videotron's mobile network is arguably the best (in terms of download speed and coverage) you can get.

Taking in all of Canada, however, the rankings are a bit different.

Overall, Bell came out as the winner, noted as having the fasted 3G and 4G network download speeds, while not being much of a slouch in the coverage department either.

Rogers came next, with the best coverage rates in the nation and the highest 3G network latency score.

Telus, on the other hand, didn't shine too brightly in the OpenSignal report. While the network provider showcased a mobile network comparable to its counterparts, Telus still came in last within the report's rankings.

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