It's Official, "UberEATS" Has Launched In Montreal

The ultimate food delivery system.
It's Official, "UberEATS" Has Launched In Montreal

The news just dropped and we couldn't be happier.

Back in January, UberEATS announced its plans to lauch their service in Montreal, but there was no official date announced. 

Well now the UberEATS app is officially available to download and it already gives you access to over 100 restaurants in Montreal. 

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So what's UberEATS? It's simply the ultimate food delivery system. It's just like Uber, but instead of delivering you to your destination, they deliver food to your mouth. 

But what really makes UberEATS worth it is that according to their app, when you order with them, your food will arrive within 30 minutes (just like pizza in the 90s), plus it will help smaller restaurants in Montreal who can't afford their own delivery service. 

So what are you waiting for?

Click here to use UberEATS now!