It's Official, "UberEATS" Is Coming To Montreal

Absolutely changing the food delivery game.
It's Official, "UberEATS" Is Coming To Montreal

Prepare to get fatter Montreal, because soon you'll have access to the ultimate food delivery system.

UberEATS is finally coming to Montreal.

In case you didn't know, UberEATS is just like UBER but instead of delivering you to your destination, they deliver food to your mouth.

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Yes, I'm aware there are a bunch of other delivery services on Montreal, but can we be honest for a minute and admit that they mostly suck? The food takes over an hour to get delivered and it usually arrives cold and soggy. But according to UberEATS when you order with them, your food arrives in 10 minutes!

The best part is that this new app is that it could actually help out the smaller restaurants in Montreal who can't afford their own delivery service, and it could help them break into a market that is dominated by large restaurant chains.

No official date has been announced for the launch yet but according to LaPresse it should be available within the next year.

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UberEats In Montreal Now Lets You Order From Stores Like H&M And Indigo

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The app just even got better for anyone with no desire to leave their house — Montrealers can now order from stores in the city on UberEats too. So you can get all your must-haves brought to your doorstep faster than even Amazon can deliver.

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