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It's Official, Valérie Plante Is The First-Ever Female Mayor Of Montreal

Montreal has its first female mayor, ever. 

Valérie Plante, leader of Projet Montréal, beat out Denis Coderre in Montreal’s mayoral election on Sunday, becoming the “mayoress” of Montreal. 

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“Three hundred and seventy-five years after Jeanne Mance, Montreal finally has its first female mayor” said Plante during her victory speech at Corona Theatre, reports The Gazette

Not only is Plante the city’s first elected woman as mayor, but her mayoral win makes Montreal the largest city in North America with an acting female mayor. 

Plante also used her speech to reiterate some of her core election platforms, like transit. 

"I'm going to get Montrealers moving again. I'm going to build safer roads for pedestrians, seniors and cyclists,” said Plante, according to CBC.

239,202 votes were recorded in favour of Plante, putting the new mayor a fair bit ahead of her opponent Denis Coderre, who garnered 212,503 votes. 

Coderre, during his own concession speech, told the public that he is ending his career in municipal politics following the defeat. 

Whether or not Coderre will use his defeat as an opportunity, and enter provincial or (return to) federal politics, remains to be seen. 

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