It's Official, Valérie Plante Just Made Parking And Traffic Fines More Expensive In Montreal

Get ready to pay more for parking in 2018.
It's Official, Valérie Plante Just Made Parking And Traffic Fines More Expensive In Montreal

Now that spring is officially here, temperature-wise, I'm sure many of you have hit up a carwash to get your car all shiny and took a joy ride this weekend. 

In case you didn't remember, Montreal is set to increase road and traffic fines, in general, this year. 

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A few months ago at the top of the year, our favourite leader Valérie Plante scrapped the quota system for tickets in Montreal. After that, it was announced that a hike in ticket fines would be seen this year in Montreal. 

This included cyclists, drivers, and parking fines. Coun. Éric Alan Caldwell said the proposed changes seek to make Montreal streets safer.

As it stands now, the city of Montreal will see a $9.2M increase in annual revenues collected from road fines. 

As of today, it was announced that Plante and the city of Montreal is set to "O.K" the fine increase, and should be seen coming into the effect very soon. 

Here's what you need to know about the increased fines:

  • All parking and/or traffic violations will go up by a minimum of $9.
  • Illegal Parking in Montreal will cost $62 (up from $53) 
  • Parking in a reserved disabled zone will run you $300 (up from $149)
  • Double parking/parking and blocking traffic will hit at $87 (up from $53)
  • Parking/stopping in a "no-stop" zone will run you $87
  • Parking/stopping in a reserved lane will run you $149

Lots of traffic violation fines have seen an increase of double the amount from last year. To give a bit of perspective, illegal parking in Montreal will see a ticket fine of $62 - which is more expensive than Toronto (at $30) and Ottawa (at $60).

However, fines for parking in a handicap zone come in lower than Toronto and Ottawa with Montreal fines at $300 to $450 for both the Ontario cities. 

The city of Montreal reports an average of roughly 1.1M traffic tickets, annually. 

So, remember the rules of the road, guys! Or at least, be aware that you may have to pay more now for a simple, avoidable traffic violation. 

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