It's Official, Verdun Officially Allows Bars

And not just microbreweries or resto-bars.
It's Official, Verdun Officially Allows Bars

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Verdun may soon become known as VerFun (instead of VerDumb) as the borough has officially lifted its ban on standard bars, meaning you will begin seeing pubs, watering hole, and maybe even a club way down the line. Residents of Verdun, you may now rejoice.

Two years ago the borough of Verdun modified its ban on alcoholic establishments, but the change only allowed for a single bar permit in all of Verdun. Leaving in less wiggle room was the fact that the bar had to be a microbrewery with beer brewed on-site, or a resto-bar. Well not anymore, though there are still going to be some restrictions.

According to the announcement on Ville de Montreal webpage, licensed bar permits will only be allowed in the more commercial areas of Verdun, specifically on Wellington between Strathmore & 6th avenue, in Place du commerce, and Chemin de la Pointe-Nord in Île-des-Sœurs.

Other regulations will also be in play, such as how no video-lottery machines will be allowed in any of these new bars. All incoming bars will also need to be "compatible" with the surrounding establishments and homes, likely meaning they can't be making tons of noise 'til 3am every night.

Despite these restrictions, residents of Verdun will still have cause to jump for joy. Verdunners will no longer have to go to Benelux or head east into the city to get a drink from a bartender with new bars now allowed in the borough. In a little while, maybe Verdun will be the new hot spot to go out. Stranger things have happened.

The growing number of students and young professionals who have moved to Verdun in the last few years were probably the main reason why the borough changed its stance on alcohol permits and bars. A younger population needs its alcohol, as we all know.

We'll be sure to keep you posted with more info as bars migrate to Verdun and clamour for prime borough real estate.

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