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It's Official, You Can Now Get A "Potato Tornado" In Montreal

Better than your average chips.
It's Official, You Can Now Get A "Potato Tornado" In Montreal

If you happen to just ADORE chips, then this potato tornado will complete your life! Not only has it taken Instagram by storm, but there are multiple videos all over Facebook talking out these spectacular potato treats. Some call it a potato twist or the potato screw, but I when I read the name "potato tornado" my mind was blown.

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I first came across the potato tornado at the Montreal RibFest and I thought that there MUST be a permanent place in Montreal that makes this heaven on a stick. To my surprise there was and now it's time to share it with ALL of Montreal!

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Cafe Unique17 is a brand new cafe in Montreal that specializes in their insane variety of bubble teas and bubble waffles. However, what you may not have known is that they also make the potato tornado! 

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They are located in the heart of Chinatown on 1023 Boul. St-Laurent and they are open every day from 11:00AM–11:00PM. So, if you want a potato tornado in the morning or at night, you can count on Cafe Unique17.

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Tornado potatoes are actually a popular street food in South Korea and now it has made its way to Montreal and frankly across the globe! There are a variety of ways to make these sticks of fun and it is actually pretty simple that you can even do it at home! These deep fried potato chips are honestly heaven on a stick!

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For More Info. 

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How It's Made:

Potato 🍟 on a stick! Talk about the ultimate fair food 🙌 #potatotornado #donatostwistedpotatos #sangenaro

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