It's Official, You Can Now Get "Frosé" In Montreal

Slush sangria has arrived!
It's Official, You Can Now Get "Frosé" In Montreal

If you happen to just ADORE sangria and Rosé, then this "Frosé" will complete your life! Frosé has been taking over the internet for ages and we have all been patiently waiting for someone to make it in Montreal. Well, it's our lucky day!  Some call it Slush Sangria, but Frosé (Frozen Rosé) seems to fit just right in MTL.  

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I first came across Frosé on Facebook  and I was devasted to realize that the restaurant Insider was featuring was in NYC. However, this Montreal restaurant has made all my Frosé dream come true!

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The ever so popular Arthurs Nosh Bar has delivered and is changing Montreal FOREVER! Arthurs Nosh Bar is a classic and popular brunch destination in Montreal that specializes in their insane variety of breakfast dishes . However, what you may not have known is that they also make Frosé! 


They are located on 4621 Notre-Dame St W. in the heart of St. Henri and they have everyone creaming FROSÉ ALL DAY! Most Montrealer's have already been to Arthurs Nosh Bar and they sure to make superb food, but now it's time to pair that with some delicious Frosé.

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Any time or season in Montreal is perfect for some fresh Frosé since this is the must-sip drink that everyone wants to try and post about on their Instagram. They offer a classic Strawberry flavor that has everyone going crazy!

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