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It's Official, You Can Now Get "Poutine Nuggets" In Montreal

Little bites of happiness!
It's Official, You Can Now Get "Poutine Nuggets" In Montreal

When it comes to food at pubs, most of the time it's an afterthought. People are there to drink first and foremost, so all they need to do is offer a decent section of "bar food" and no one really complains. 

But some pubs take pride in their food. In fact, it's so good that people go there for the food alone. I've even found myself ordering food from them every once in awhile using UberEATS. 

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Honestly, I never thought I'd find myself  getting food delivered from a pub. That is until I discovered these poutine nuggets from Pub McCarold

via @sumtimw0ng

They literally are little bites of happiness. 

They take cheese curds and poutine gravy, coat it with potato breading, then they deep fry them to perfection. 

Finally a poutine you can eat without utensils! 

Check out Pub McCarold menu for more info

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