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It's Only The First Snow And Montreal Is Already Fvcked

The people running this city look like a bunch of amateurs.
It's Only The First Snow And Montreal Is Already Fvcked

What the hell is wrong with this city?

Every year the first snow starts falling and we look like a bunch of amateurs.

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We knew it was coming, it happens every year after all. And yet somehow, the snow always manages to catch us off guard and fuck everything up.

And this isn't even a storm, it's just a few flakes. Still, the city looks completely paralyzed this morning.

The streets are covered in snow and the top layer is slightly melted, which means it's really slippery out there.

The buses are late or cancelled altogether. (Actually some drivers simply didn't feel like working this morning, so they just didn't.)

The metro system wasn't doing any better. It was shut down for what seems like the 12th time this week. I know this because I'm getting angry texts from my co-workers who are still trying to make their way in to work. This time the culprit was apparently a fire.

So basically we're getting fucked over by fire and ice at the same time. It's like Game of Thrones only it's colder and it's not very entertaining.

And it's only the first snow of the season!!!

We seriously need to toughen up, the city needs to do a better job at clearing the snow and the STM needs to stop fucking up, because it's getting ridiculous.

On that note, try to have a nice day.

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